Wednesday, July 27, 2005


© Don Hall / Bear Creek Research, Inc.

Media is morphing from a corporate monopoly to homebrewed content powered over the internet into your pod or even your telephone, no longer restricted to a corporate channel that says “Watch what we have programmed for you at 7:00 p.m.!”

Personal computers, capable of processing large video and audio files are destined to forge a major Shift from “channels” into “choice” pools of news and entertainment feeds.

This Brave New Media certainly won’t be as bad as channels gushing “reality shows” which aren’t even a good approximation to REALITY! I am sure media companies will first fight with every lobby arm available, then eventually settle for offering participation and interaction business models.

The click? The IPOD revolution, which even Apple was a little slow on the uptake to make ITunes the inevitable host of “podcasting”, a term invented years before. Now,
Anybody with anything to say, with some determined effort and a reliable internet connection can record, FTP and BURN a “Feed” into existence.

Podcasting and any of its offspring names have opened the MTV of personal media, into new HBO “Home Brewed Opportunity!”